15 Minutes of Biomutant Gameplay

15 Minutes of Biomutant Gameplay

At Gamescom 2018 IGN sat down with the Creative Director from developer Experiment 101 to take a closer look at Biomutant a new open-world RPG with a focus on free flowing combat.

The game looks really fun to play; it really looks like this developer is going for a "fun first" approach to game design harkening back to the days of PS2 games.

Character customisation looks really in depth and is not only cosmetic. As players change the look of their character they also change the "genetic code" which will in turn change the boundaries for attributes. Players will also be able to respec this genetic code while playing through the game, but this will directly affect upgraded attributes.

The type of environment players find themselves in, e.g extreme heat or extreme cold, will also affect players directly and they will need to "gear up" to be able to withstand the elements better.

The developer mentions that the game uses a random weapon generation system similar to something found in the Borderlands series and the game will include something like half a million different weapons. Most of these will also be fully customisable with different modules which will change how the weapon functions, for example adding elemental damage or changing from single shot to burst fire. This applies to both melee and ranged weapons in the game.

On top of these random weapons the game will also include a limited number of unique special weapons that can only be obtained at specific locations in the world or by defeating specific enemies. Again, similar to the Borderlands series' own legendary weapons.

Players will also be able to dual wield both melee and ranged weapons if they choose to do so. There will also be different types of damage such as "slash" or "crush" that can also affect different enemy types differently.

All of these come together to make the combat system look really fast and fluid. Players can seamlessly mix and match acrobatic moves, melee weapons and ranged weapons to sort of create their own version of free form combat.

There seems to be a lot of variety in the game as well in terms of mutations the player can obtain which will impact the gameplay by giving them access to unique abilities.

Players will even be able to obtain and customise a mech that can access certain areas which are too hazardous to enter on foot. Seeing as this is an open-world game there will also be a mount and other "vehicles".

At one point in the gameplay the character even enters the mouth of a boss and literally starts beating on the heart of the boss from inside his chest. This looks absolutely crazy and absolutely awesome.

Biomutant is slated for release in 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is the first game from developer Experiment 101.