Sarah-Jane Williams, known to us as BlackSwan, was once upon a time active on MyGaming and various other SA forums. Due to illness, she has withdrawn, stopped working, stopped gaming, and has been fighting to get better. She is one of my best friends, always there, always strong even when she can barely get out of bed. One of her all time favourite games is Life of strange, and their Facebook fan page started a GoFundMe for her to help with her medical bills.

On the GoFundMe page, she has made short video telling all. She just wants to go to the physical rehab center, and its a constant fight just to get the clearance and letters from all her doctors. Their medical aid is paying for half of their costs, but the co-payments are piling up and they just need a little help, since it all started adding up since February 2018.

This is a woman who is amazing, strong, and beautiful of heart and mind and body (I know she will kick my ass for that :P). No matter how much pain she is in, she has a smile, and an encouraging word or silly joke.

Please, if you can, any small amount will help.

At the bottom of the GoFundMe page, there is instructions on how to pay either with PayPal or EFT.

Thank you guys!