Im sure by now all you have seen the videos for Bioware's latest game Anthem. The one with all the exosuits that you can change into do do missions and explore with. A pretty looking game, that has many people extremely excited. (I was until I watched gameplay vids and realised my motion sickness will make this one of a long list of games that I can't play.)

In the prepared remarks from EA's CEO Andrew Wilson

Later in the fiscal year, we will launch our stunning and ambitious new IP, Anthem. Every dimension of this game will offer something entirely new for a wide audience of players – from a new universe with unique stories that BioWare is creating, to the cooperative gameplay, to the epic and beautiful environment that constantly evolves around players. Anthem is a fundamentally social experience, and we will open new ways for fans to join the community and play early, enabling us to shape and refine the game with their input and feedback. We’re deeply excited to launch this brand new franchise, and equally excited to work with our players to make Anthem a game they can’t wait to play and share with their friends for years to come.

And they have also stated that the game will be in early access for a while, exactly when that is we will have to wait till E3 to hear.

According to Gamespot, during the Q&A session after the financial reports EA CFO anouced that Anthem will be launched during the last month of EA's fiscal year, which means March 2019.

It will be interesting to see what is said and shown during E3. I know a lot of people who cannot wait for this to be released. For now I will wait and see (and hope that it doesn't trigger my motion sickness).