Borderlands 3 is coming — everything you need to know

This is not news, this is old news, we have been teased for a few weeks before PAX East 2019 and then the bomb was dropped, we are getting Borderlands 3!

Borderlands 3 is coming — everything you need to know

UPDATE - It is official! After weeks of teasers and leaks ahead of PAX East 2019, Gearbox finally delivered the Golden Key and revealed that we are getting Borderlands 3. The excitement was palpable, the masses are happy.

There were some worries from fans that 2K would pressure its developer into making a Borderlands battle royale game. However, Gearbox co-founder, CEO and president Randy Pitchford has confirmed that they are not making Borderlands 3 into yet another battle royale title.

Ignore anyone who says this is a bad thing. We want Borderlands. We do not want another battle royale, we do not want another anything that is not Borderlands!

We want crazy guns, silly dialogues, madness in everything. (GUNS WITH LEGS!) I fell in love with the Borderlands series by playing 2 first, then going back and playing 1, 2, The Pre-sequel, and Tales from the Borderlands. I love the feel of the game, the sounds, the silliness, it makes me happy on a very deep level.

And guess what, after watching the PAX trailer, we are getting it! Its pure madness, it is Tiny Tina grown up, it is hopefully Moxie, Mordecai, Sir Hammerlock, Ellie, Scooter and obviously no Borderlands game is complete without Claptrap.

Thanks to few deleted tweets we have 13 September 2019 as a possible launch date (lets see if they confirm this later today).

This has also been confirmed by a leaked advert that has the Epic Store logo (not that this is new news, we have heard before that BL3 will be an Epic Store exclusive – so deal with it.)

Leaked Video

As of today the cover art has been leaked all over, as well as the characters that will be playable: Moze, FL4K, Amara, Zane

We also have a couple of reveals on twitter:

And I will just leave the videos that we have all seen all over here as well, just because you can never watch them enough times!

The trailer and the teaser contain more easter eggs than you can count, with the teaser even including a SHiFT code that grants a few golden keys and unlocks the community skin for Salvador the Gunzerker.

Borderlands 3 Teaser Trailer — Mask of Mayhem easter eggs

During the teaser video, a dot starts pulsing in the top left corner. It spells out "Count the Sirens" in morse code.

After that, another message appears in braille along the bottom right of the video which (apparently — I don't read braille) says "Like, Follow, and Obey."

That SHiFT code I mentioned before? It's C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-TTTJT-JJH6H. Unless you go through the video frame by frame it's impossible to catch.

More trailers

Leaks and spoilers

Information about what to expect from Borderlands 3 was posted online days before the PAX East event. While it was not possible to establish the credibility of the anonymous source of the information, many of the details have proven to be true.

Here is what was predicted/leaked:

  • The game takes place 5 years after the end of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
  • Tannis is not what she seems.
  • AI Jack may be back, but he is not the villain.
  • Rhys is back as CEO of Atlas. Atlas is back as a manufacturer. Gorty is back to help the player find multiple vaults in the game. Not just one vault this time.
  • Tina is back as an adult [CONFIRMED!]. No word on the others but you can expect cameos from everyone like in Borderlands 2. [somewhat confirmed, but also obvious]
  • Writing is more like the original Borderlands than Borderlands 2, as Anthony Birch is not working on it this time.
  • 4 new vault hunters [CONFIRMED!]
  • Abilities have been reworked, everyone now has multiple action skills instead of one.
  • Flak the Beastmaster is a homeless looking android. He can summon multiple creatures to help him fight. The AI for this is apparently what delayed the announcement from happening last October.
  • The female seen in the UE4 demo last year is a Vladof character who is the gunner class. She can summon a bear mech on which other players can ride. She summons the mech like in Titanfall. No word on how this works indoors.
  • The older male is like Batman. He's the stealth/assassin character. He's rich and uses gadgets for his action skills.
  • There is a melee-oriented Siren character. She will have several Siren abilities like phase-lock, phase-shift, and a ground pound skill. [mostly confirmed]
  • NPCs can revive you now if you're close enough and go into Fight For Your Life.
  • Guns are reworked. You'll have changeable gun parts of various rarities/stats. You'll be able to alter the type of gun, the firing rate, the reload speed, the stability, and element as you find new parts.
  • The bad guys are The Calypso Twins [basically confirmed]. One is a female Siren (as only females can be Sirens) [CONFIRMED!] and the other is a male who somehow has Siren powers. Either he figured out a way to give anyone siren powers or the bond between twins allows him to share his sister's powers. They're rumored to be ex-Atlas employees.
  • The Calypso twins rule The Children of the Vault, a cult mob that will replace Bandits/Scavs as the default human mob. They will have their own weapon brand.
  • All brands returning except Bandit/Scav.
  • All elements returning except Slag, Laser, and Ice. New elements are rumored, including "nuclear", but it is not clear whether this is just a fan making stuff up.
  • You'll start on Pandora but leave shortly into the game on Sanctuary 3, the Crimson Raider's ship. It will be the hub for multiple planet locations.
  • Vault Hunters will be going to Promethea.

And it is officially available on the Epic Games Store site.

You can pre-purchase any of the following editions, which all include the Gold Weapons Skin Pack:

  • Standard Edition - Includes the base game
  • Deluxe Edition - Includes the base game and 5 Cosmetic Skin Packs (Characters and Weapons)
  • Super Deluxe Edition - Includes the base game and 5 Cosmetic Skin Packs (Characters and Weapons). Plus the Season Pass which includes, 4 Campaign DLC Packs and the exclusive Butt Stallion Cosmetic Pack.

According to Kotaku the game will only be an epic exclusive until April 2020. It will also be available on the PS4 and Xbox One.