Captain of Industry

Captain of Industry

A new colony management game has been released onto Steam early access. You'll be able to take a small crew of survivors on an abandoned island all the way to space. Or as I like to refer to it: prepare to restart multiple times as various supply chain bottlenecks tank your economy.


There are over 150 unique products in the game. These can be manufactured by starting at the beginning with natural resources, then you have semi-processed resources, and then crafted materials.


To build you must transport. Whether by vehicle or conveyor and pipeline your job is to get the goods to where they need to be.


Build factories close to each other and the natural resources that they rely on to save fuel and transport costs. Use conveyors and pipelines for short transport lengths and upgrade factories to more efficient versions.


The land is dynamic and no mountain can stand in the way of an excavator. You can create open pit mines and dump the waste rock in the sea to reclaim land. Some of the resources to mine are: coal, iron, copper, and gold.


You people need to be fed. Grow potatoes to feed your people (what, are we on Mars?) Eventually you can build greenhouses and produce fertiliser to grow other crops to feed your people and create products too.

If you enjoyed games like Factorio, Satisfactory, and Dyson Sphere Program, this might just be the next game to magically make time disappear for you. The game is currently in Early Access and is listed for R179.

Captain of Industry on Steam
Colony and factory simulation game. Alone with your loyal crew, expand a small colony of survivors into an industrial empire! From an abandoned island to vast factories, research labs, and space program. Build, mine, farm, shape terrain, explore, trade, and take care of your settlement!

The Future

Now that the game is in early access the developers (2 guys really) have published their roadmap. Some of their high priority areas are advanced modding support, a map editor, UX improvements, and integrations for Linux and Mac.

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