Chinese Zelda fans turned out in droves at the ChinaJoy 2019 convention to protest Genshin Impact, which they say is blatant rip-off of Nintendo's highly successful The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Citing a post on Hachima, Kotaku reported that one attendee even destroyed his PlayStation 4 in protest. According to the report, fans are angry that Sony would release a game for PlayStation that looks so similar to Breath of the Wild.

Bye Bye PS4

Developer miHoYo originally pitched Genshin Impact as an anime homage to Breath of the Wild, but after showing of its first gameplay footage fans are saying that it has turned out to be a total clone.

Twitter user Vivian.Ysy posted a video and side-by-side screenshots showing the similarities, and stating that that even the music for the game has been ripped off.

Yes it looks a lot like breath of the wild

Further citing ZhugeEX, Kotaku reported that some fans took photos of themselves at the Sony booth with their middle fingers held aloft, along with their Nintendo Switch consoles running Zelda.

All images sourced from the original Kotaku post, which came from Hachima and ZhugeEX.

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