Classified: France '44 - Forging a Strategic Path to D-Day

In the midst of World War II's tumultuous backdrop, Classified: France '44 emerges as a compelling turn-based strategy gaming experience.

Classified: France '44 - Forging a Strategic Path to D-Day

In the midst of World War II's tumultuous backdrop, Classified: France '44 emerges as a compelling turn-based strategy gaming experience. Developed by Absolutely Games and published by Team17 Digital, this upcoming turn-based strategy game takes us back to the chaotic and perilous months leading to the Allied invasion of France on D-Day, in June 1944.

Here's an Indie Games Spotlight preview look into the key elements that make Classified: France '44 a promising addition to the realm of tactical gaming.

A Historical Adventure
Classified: France '44 draws inspiration from the unsung heroes of World War II, the Jedburghs, a group of Allied special forces who worked hand in hand with the French Resistance in preparation for the Normandy landings on D-Day. The game immerses players in a series of missions where stealth and tactics are vital. Whether you're infiltrating an underground bunker to rescue prisoners of war or targeting enemy leaders to disrupt their morale, each mission plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the D-Day invasion.

Gameplay Mechanics
Classified: France '44 introduces (and reintroduces) gameplay mechanics that players of traditional turn-based tactical games will recognise and appreciate. The emphasis on stealth allows for precise and secretive mission completion. An Overwatch ability enhances tactical options during intense encounters, and a morale-based combat and suppression system ensures that every action carries consequences. The impact of your choices affects both your team's morale and that of the enemy. This creates a high-stakes environment where, as the developer says, every bullet matters and every shot counts. Realistic damage mechanics and the risk of friendly fire add further layers of complexity to the gameplay. (See the summary list of the games main features below.)

A Diverse Cast of Characters
Players can choose from a diverse lineup of heroes, each bringing a unique story to the table. The game allows you to train, customise, and equip these characters with an expanding arsenal of skills and weaponry. To strengthen your team's morale, you can spend time engaging with their backstories around the campfire between missions. This connection with your squad members becomes a driving force as they traverse the war-torn landscapes of occupied France.

A Dynamic Campaign
With over 45 challenging missions provided by the French forces, players can pick and choose the missions that align with their strategic objectives. The campaign offers a non-linear and highly replayable experience, packed with dilemmas, political intrigue, and alliances. Your decisions throughout the campaign will significantly impact the fate of the D-Day landings.

Community-Created Content
Absolutely Games are also keen to ensure that Classified: France '44 doesn't end after its initial release. The game will boast a Classified Mission Creator and other modding tools that allow players to craft, share, and explore user-generated mission content. This feature creates a dynamic and ever-evolving gaming environment.

Classified: France '44 promises an immersive journey into the heart of World War II. With its rich narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and commitment to historical accuracy, it's poised to be a must-play for strategy enthusiasts. As you prepare to embark on this journey behind enemy lines, be ready to shape the course of history. The ultimate success of your D-Day awaits when Classified: France '44 arrives on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 in (hopefully early) 2024.

The game's unique mechanics include morale systems, where both allies and enemies have morale that can affect their actions. Morale can be reduced through actions like taking shots, even if they don't hit directly. As a result, managing morale plays a vital role in the game's success.

The Ambush Meter:
The game introduces the Ambush meter, which fills when you silently kill enemies. When full, it allows your team to launch an ambush and gain an extra turn, emphasizing the importance of stealth and careful planning.

Infiltrating with Stealth:
Stealth plays a significant role in Classified France 44, and you can choose to start missions fully stealthy. Utilizing stealth can lead to setting up incredible ambushes. The game rewards players for maintaining stealthy tactics, even if they initially lose their cover.

The OverWatch Mechanic:
Similar to other turn-based tactical games, Classified France 44 has the OverWatch mechanic, but it introduces a significant improvement. Players can choose whether to shoot or hold when an enemy triggers their OverWatch. This offers a more tactical approach to managing OverWatch and prevents unintended shots.

Bullet Impact on Morale:
In Classified France 44, every bullet counts. Even missed shots have an impact on morale. This game mechanic adds depth to gameplay, as not only the physical health of characters matters, but also their morale, affecting their actions and effectiveness in combat.

Flanking and Critical Damage:
Flanking is crucial in this game, as it can lead to critical damage against suppressed or broken enemies. Flanking well-defended or tough targets is an effective strategy, and it's essential to reduce enemy cover to boost critical hit chances.

Mission Types:
The game offers various mission types, including assault missions that begin in combat, ambush missions that start with stealth and an ambush meter, and pure stealth missions that provide unlimited stealth kills without an ambush meter. These mission types offer diverse challenges and approaches.

Managing Allies and Morale:
Classified France 44 introduces a morale system, and allies have their own morale meters. When an ally's morale falls below 50%, they become suppressed, reducing their abilities. Careful management of morale is necessary to keep your team in top shape.

Rally and Reviving Allies:
The game includes skills like "Rally" that can be used to restore the morale of all Allied units. Reviving downed allies is essential for keeping your team in the fight. When a unit is downed, they cannot act for three turns, and if downed again, they retreat from the battle.

Enemy Reinforcements:
Mission objectives often attract enemy reinforcements. Players must be prepared to handle incoming enemy forces. Timing is crucial, and destroying incoming forces before they can attack is a smart strategy.

Demolition and Extraction:
To complete the mission, you may need to interact with demolition points to plant explosive charges. Demolition is essential for various objectives in the game. Once your mission is complete, you'll need to extract your team safely to move on to the next challenge.

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Command an elite team of allied special operators in Nazi-occupied France wreaking havoc in the run up to D-Day in this ambitious turn-based tactics game. Take on the might of Germany’s war machine and launch daring raids in occupied territory. Can you do enough to ensure Allied victory?