Competition Time! Semblance Giveaway

Ok, so to win, make me laugh, and possibly tell me why are guineafowl so suicidal!?!

Competition Time! Semblance Giveaway

So we all know I have been following Semblance for a while now and it has officially been released! Even though WebAfrica and their broken internet almost prevented me from playing it on release day, I managed to get half an hour in yesterday.

I love it. From the mechanics, the music, the colours... I like it all. So far it’s not difficult but, then again, I have just started learning the basics of the game.

To celebrate the release of our first South African game on Nintendo Switch, I will be giving away two copies of the game on your platform of choice — PC or Switch.

You will need to be in South Africa to enter — sorry internationals. The Steam gift will be coming from a South African account, and winners who want a copy for Nintendo Switch will have the funds transferred by EFT to their bank account.

OK, so to win make me laugh, and possibly tell me why are guineafowl so suicidal‽

All entries will be entered into a randomizer and I will announce the winner in this thread.

The competition is open to all regulars, and you have to have at least a post count of 50 to participate. Competition ends next week Wednesday at 13:00.