Dead or Alive 6 is Coming

Dead or Alive 6 is Coming

At E3 2018 Team Ninja announced that Dead or alive 6 is in development and is due for release in early 2019.

The announcement was followed by a trailer and gameplay footage. The last Dead or Alive game was release about 6 years ago at the tail end of the previous console generation and the current generation recieved enhanced ports of that game and its many variants.

The New Dead or alive will be released exclusively on current gen consoles (Excluding Nintendo Switch) and PC.


The Dead or Alive franchise has always been about impressive graphics and this is no exception, the gameplay footage reveals that wounds will appear on the faces and bodies of characters and the graphics definately seems to be a step up from the still impressive looking Dead or Alive 5.

Two new gameplay mechanics to help assist players new to the franchise or casual gamers called Fatal Rush and Break Gauge will be included.