Desperados 3 Announced

Desperados 3 Announced

A little while ago we learned about a new Commandos game being developed. Now it has been revealed that another classic real-time tacticts game is making a comeback. That's right, Desperados 3 is happening.

According to PC Gamer the game will be developed by Mimimi who are most well known as the developer of Shadow Tactics. Nobody from Mimimi worked on the first two games and nobody from the original developer, Spellbound Entertainment, are working on the new game but apparently the teams are "good friends", as mentioned in a Reddit AMA done by Mimimi.

The game will release in 2019 and sees a return of the hero of the previous games, John Cooper.

The game will also be similar to the previous games in that it will allow players lots of variety in how they choose to approace missions. Players can go in gun blazing, but they will also have stealth and non-lethal options at their disposal.

You can check out some gameplay courtesy of Rock Paper Shotgun here:

Original IP's are great, but it's always nice to see publishers/developers giving some love to a classic franchise.