Far Cry 5 has been Cracked

Far Cry 5 has been Cracked

Ubisoft's big First quarter Release of 2018 Far cry 5 has been cracked less than 3 weeks after release. This will surely be a blow for Ubisoft as most sales for major games happened within 30 days of release, and this is one of their big money raking Franchises.


AC origins was also cracked eventually but that took 3 months not 3 weeks. Ubisoft makes uses of Vmprotect and Denuvo DRM in addition to their Uplay Protection system and the italian Hacker Group CPY still managed to bypass the system.

This is not the fastest Major denuvo protected release to be cracked so quickly though that title still belongs to Resident Evil 7 that got cracked within 7 days of Release.

This prevalent piracy could be the reason why Capcom will only release monster Hunter world on PC a few months after the console versions and why Square Enix delayed Final Fantasy 15 on PC for almost a year.