First Footage of The Surge 2

First Footage of The Surge 2

The Surge 2 was absent from all the E3 press conferences this year. The sequel to what some people call Sci-Fi Souls by German developer Deck 13, was announced back in February of this year so it was expected to at least make an appearance on the stage floor. Thanks to IGN though we get to have a brief look of the sequel in action. You can view the gameplay footage below.

The Surge was a good, if somewhat flawed, take on the popular Souls formula and it already looks like the sequel will be a big improvement over the original. The environment shown already looks like a decent step up from the first game. No longer is is the samey factory type environment, this demo takes place in a lush outside environment.

The combat also looks to have received a significant upgrade. It looks more fluid and polished and in the demo we see the player go up against what appears to be a humanoid enemy with weapons and abilities similar to what the player uses. This seems very reminiscent of the hunter type enemies in Bloodborne. We also get to see what appears to be either a boss or a mini-boss in action.

According to Game Informer Deck 13 have (thankfully) decided to get rid of the first game's protagonist and this time players can customise their own character. They have also doubled the weapon types that will be available in the game, bringing them to a total of ten. We can also expect an upgraded limb targeting system as well as more abilities, implants and drones.

As an avid Souls-like fan I enjoyed the original game, but never finished it. I got frustrated the first time around and stopped playing, only restarting the game at a much later stage before stopping yet again. While it does have moments where the combat is a lot of fun, the game was not as fluid as I would have wanted and the repetitive environment and other factors got too much for me. As more footage of The Surge 2 surfaces, I might be compelled to give it another go though.

The Surge 2 will release on an as yet unannounced date in 2019.