The greatest game browser game ever released this decade in 2012 on 25 October 2012 is now on Steam along with spiffy new DLC and the obligatory all-inclusive bundle to go with it.

Yes indeed, developer Twinbeard finally released Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade edition this week.

The legendary game has been fully recreated in all its non-HD glory for modern computers with the ultimate upgrade of not needing Adobe Flash to run anymore.

If you have never played Frog Fractions before, it is strongly recommended that you play the free Game of the Decade edition first before considering making a purchase of the iconic DLC hat for your in-game frog.

For those who have never heard of or experienced Frog Fractions before, don't Google anything, do not pass Go, go and download Frog Fractions immediately, play it, and thank me later.

Then come back here and tell me how right I was before you go back to Steam and buy the DLC.

If you have had the privilege of playing Frog Fractions, please feel free to use the spoiler function liberally to discuss it in the comments.