Game Collector Finds Hidden Drugs Inside NES Cartridges

Game Collector Finds Hidden Drugs Inside NES Cartridges

A retro Video Game collector Julian Turner got more than what he bargained for when he discovered drugs hidden inside some nes cartridges he bought at a market earlier this month.

When he got home he discovered that two of the cartridges, Rollergames and Golf were stuffed with some illegal contraband.

Julian's suspicion arose when he realised that the copy of Rollergames was a PAL (Europe/Australian) version and not a North American copy The cartridge also felt heavier than normal and after weighing them Julian Discovered that both games were around 50% heavier after comparing it with the other copies of those exact titles he had on hand for comparison.

After unscrewing and opening both games he discovered the contraband and decided to call the police. He did ask the officer from the Newnan Police Department what type of drugs were in the bag but he is still waiting on feedback from them.

After some investigating online to see if their are other similiar situations like this Julian discovered that another copy of Golf that a collector found was stuffed with $5000 in bills dating back to 1985.