Stephen Hawking was a brilliant man. He was an inspiration to many people around the world from all walks of life. The mark his genius left on the science world will be remembered for decades to come.

In honour of this great man's passing, we look at some space-science related games that can both teach and entertain you. Like Stephen, these games can teach gamers about the universe and the world. They might even spark within you a love for Cosmology.

Here are a list of games you can play in honour of Stephen Hawking



Odyssey is a blend of educational game, walking simulator and adventure game. Through following the story the game will teach you about the history of Cosmology, mechanics and scientific reasoning, things that Professor Hawking knew all to well.

Titans of Space 2.0


Discover more about our galaxy in this guided tour experience. Available in VR, you can enjoy realistic depictions of the planets and satellites of our galaxy, and learn interesting facts about our stellar neighbours.

Universe Sandbox 2


What better way to get acquainted with the universe and astrophysics than a large galaxy scale sandbox game. Take different planetary bodies, put them close to one another and watch as the realistic gravitational model makes them interact.

Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous

One of the very few proper games available that recreates our galaxy as accurately as possible. Elite Dangerous has over 400 million star systems, many of them based around black holes. In fact, at the center of Elite Dangerous’ galaxy is a super-massive black hole called Sagittarius A*. This mirrors the most popular opinions of astrophysicists around the world; that our galaxy spins around a super-massive black hole, called Sagittarius A*.

These games won't be for everyone, but they may spark within you an interest into the universe. Much like how Stephen Hawking has ignited that interest within us all.