Gaming news you may have missed last week

Luckily we're here to keep you up to date with the best stories you may have missed last week.

Gaming news you may have missed last week

It's crazy to think we're already in the middle of March. This year is going by so fast. So many stories have already passed us by

Luckily we're here to keep you up to date with the best stories you may have missed last week.

In less than 12 hours, Fortnite became the No. 1 iPhone app (not just game) in 13 countries

Source - Twitter post

Last week Fortnite debuted on iOS devices in a selection of countries. Within the same day it became the number 1 app in many different countries. Looks like the Fortnite fever is still going strong.

Google & Ubisoft partnering to create Agones, open source dedicated game servers

Source - Google Blog Post

News that may give you some hope for dedicated server support in South Africa. Google is partnering with Ubisoft in creating a new server platform called Agones. This platform will make it possible to host dedicated game servers at a much lower cost than previously, and potentially with bigger scalability as well.

EA details massive overhaul of Battlefront II's progression system

Source - Gameinformer article

Congratulations internet, we won! The fight for a free and microtransaction-less Star Wars game has received another massive victory. EA is changing the progression system of Star Wars Battlefront 2, making it now impossible to buy anything other than cosmetic items through microtransactions. All other unlocks will be added to the normal in-game progression system, and nothing will be hidden behind lootboxes.

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered' Listing Spotted

Source - IGN Rumour

Looks like Activision will be giving another Modern Warfare game a face lift. According to an Amazon listing spotted by IGN, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster might be making it's way into the wild. A placeholder date of 30 April was also seen on the listing.

Far Cry 5 has microtransactions, and the campaign is playable offline

Source - Gamespot Article

With little over a week before Far Cry 5 is launched, more information about the game has been coming out. It is confirmed by a Ubisoft PR representative that the game will have microtransactions. These will include cosmetic items, as well as items to speed up the game. The game's campaign will also be available offline, despite the focus on co-op gaming.

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