Welcome back from the Easter long weekend. After a long weekend it usually takes some time to get back into the swing of things. There's a lot to catch up on first. So why no catch up on some of the bigger news stories from last week.

Far Cry 5 has more than tripled the series' peak players on Steam

Source - PCGamesN

Far Cry 5 has been doing extremely well since its launch. The game has been discussed and played by thousands of players on all platforms. The Steam player base is also 3 times higher than any of the other titles in the series thus far. Seems that a huge number of gamers are getting lost in the wilderness of Montana

Twitch lets go of a number of prominent employees

Source - Polygon

Bad news from the biggest streaming platform on the internet, Twitch has been hit with a bunch of layoffs. Many prominent employees from the company has been fired, some with immediate effect. The reasons given by the company are that they "readjusted certain teams in an effort to reprioritize specific areas".

The GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Has Been Rejected Again

Source - Gamespot

Remember the lawsuit Lindsay Lohan files against Rockstar stating they used her likeness in the game without authorisation? Well, the courts have also found that claim to be laughable. Lindsay Lohan's motion has been dismissed as the courts said the GTA 5 character Lacey Jonas does not resemble her.

God of War Reviews Set to Arrive on 12 April

Source - Attack of the fanboy

One of the most hotly anticipated games of the year, the new God of War, will get its first reviews on 12 April. Copies of the game has been shipped to vendors during last week, after the developers confirmed the game went gold the week prior.

Pre-orders for The Duke, the original Xbox controller, is now open

Source - Xbox Twitter

The original Xbox's controller, affectionately called The Duke, will be sold again. Pre-orders for the massive controller went live over the weekend. No word on whether they will be sold in South Africa, but import options does exists for those looking for a new, but retro controller.

And that is our roundup of news stories from last week. Let us know in the discussion what you though about these stories. And remember, stay informed.