Microsoft's recently acquired Xbox Games Studio Ninja Theory has announced that their Highly rated hit Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice will be ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Hellblade is without a doubt one of the most stunning titles of this generation (screenshot from an Xbox One X running Enriched Visuals)

This announcement is surprising on 2 fronts, the first one is no one expected  another port of Hellblade to any other platform since Microsoft acquired them and secondly the switch is not that powerful and Hellblade is an Unreal Engine 4 based visual Feast, how it’s going to scale to the switch is still a big question mark considering how epically scaled back the switch port of Ark Survival looked and that was also an UE4 based title.

That's how ARK survival looks on switch and that is also an Unreal Engine 4 based title

This seems to be another sign of the growing relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo (They have already announced Xbox Live is coming to the switch) and maybe one day in the future we will all be playing Forza’s and Halo’s on our Nintendo consoles and playing as a famous Red Plumber on our Xbox consoles.