If like me you are a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, no 2 will always hold a special place in my heart. The game story is just one of the best ever.

As a third person shooter, I never had any issues with the game but someone has decided to change your perspective, from third to first person. A modder by the name of LordEmil1 created a fully working mod that changes your camera view from third to first person.


This mod makes Exploration Mode First Person, instead of Third by changing the default camera position and FOV.

Both Combat and Conversations work flawlessly with this mod, because it doesn't change anything to do with them, only Exploration Mode.

I've tried, and for the most part succeeded with making a Combat version of this mod, but it's far from ready to be released because of some major issues with the camera clipping with Shepard's body and head.


This mod won't be compatible with any other mod that changes the SFXGame.pcc file, so things like ME2Controller won't be able to be used with this mod.

Hopefully in the future I can work on compatibility fixes for those types of mods.

You can download the mod here. Please follow the installation instructions!

Are you going to try this mod? If so let me know on the forum discussion what you think. I will be installing this tonight!