For a Console thats not leading this generation in sales and also not having alot going on in the console exclusive front Microsoft's xbox division netted in a cool $2.25 billion between January and the end of March.

Revenue has risen by 18 percent year-over-year compared to the same quarter in 2017 which generated $1.906 billion.

Microsoft doesn’t disclose Xbox console sales, but the succesful launch of the mid generation Xbox One X definately had a positive effect on this. Microsoft also revealed that there are 59 million active Xbox Live users each month.

The other factors giving MS this boost would be the currently hot battle royale genre shooters PUBG and Fortnite as well as the hughly succesful Sea of Thieves that launched in March.

The Phil Spencer Era is clearly starting to reap the fruits as MS has started to invest more into their internal first and second party studios to address the exclusive title issues and hopefully we will see that at their biggest ever E3 next month.