The short week of work means that we have not long to go to the weekend. And over the weekend you may want to try out a new game. Why not try out an Indie Game then?

Our selection this week includes really interesting titles and genres; first-person shooters, survival horror, adventure and puzzle games. You may find the perfect game to play over the weekend.

Immortal Redneck

Available on Xbox One

Looking for a twitch shooter rogue-lite game? Then look no further than Immortal Redneck. Set in Egypt, this game features old-school arcade shooting mechanics, with a modern helping of skill-tree unlocking and storytelling.


Available on Playstation 4

Infernium is a non-lineal survival horror game that deals with the subject of the afterlife. This anxiety-inducing experience first person game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you traverse the beautifully created levels.


Available on Nintendo Switch

This isometric action packed puzzle game comes from Welsh developer studio West Coast. Solve puzzles and tasks in different rooms as you are constantly chased by hostile Neogens.


Available on Steam

Minit is a monochromatic pixel graphic game with an interesting gameplay twist. You only get to play the game 60 seconds at a time. You need to uncover the story and secrets, battle enemies and talk to various different NPCs before the day ends after only 1 minute.

Enjoy our list of Indie titles, and share your favourites down below.