New ransomware forces you to play PUBG for 1 Hour

New ransomware forces you to play PUBG for 1 Hour

A new ransomware discovered this week simply wants you to play some PUBG.

Most ransonware wants you to pay to get your files back but the guys at MalwareHunterTeam discovered a new ‘PUBG Ransomware’, which holds your files hostage until you play a round of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Upon Execution it encrypts all the files and folders on your desktop and adds a .PUBG extension to them. when everything is fully encrypted, it will display a screen giving you two options to get your files back. You can either enter the ‘restore code’ which is displayed, or you can play some PUBG.


The instructions indicate that you have to play for an hour.


If you were to be hit with this, you could just run any executable renamed as TslGame.exe and get your files back since the software monitors your PCs ongoing processes looking for a file called ‘TslGame’ if it is detected your files should automatically be decrypted.