Nintendo responds to Switch Piracy with new anti piracy measures

Nintendo responds to Switch Piracy with new anti piracy measures

Nintendo has finally adressed the piracy issues that has plagued the switch for the past few months.

Playing pirated games on a switch has been made extremely easy and Nintendo is finally cracking down with some strict new policies.

Since Exploit in the Tegra System on a chip is a hardware level backdoor, Nintendo has decided to work around this with newly implemented software anti-piracy measures, which are able to ‘perfectly detect’ whether a digital copy of a game has been legitimately acquired from the Nintendo eShop or via other nefarious methods.

With physical cartridges, Nintendo can now detect whether or not the user connecting has data from a Nintendo-authorised cartridge, which varies between titles.

Whenever you buy a digital game from the eShop now, you will receive a certification ticket that contains a Title ID for the game, a console ID for your specific Switch and the Nintendo Account ID for the purchasing account. This is all signed by Nintendo using RSA-2048, which is unforgable at present. The console contacts the eShop service and creates a relevant ticket based on the Title ID, console device ID and the Nintendo Account ID, along with a one-way encryption key that can only be reversed by Nintendo. Essentially, Nintendo has the ability now to detect pirated titles and will automatically ban the console.

There is probably going to be an offline solution circumventing the Nintendo Authentication system to play pirated titles but the current solution should boost invester confidence, as the imminent switch online service will also be finally launching in September this Year.