The Internet is awash with puns after Sony introduced a new version of the PlayStation 4 Pro, without making a fuss, which also happens to address some of the noise and cooling issues seen in earlier models. Imagine I started off with a hilarious pun like "silently launched" or "quietly introduced" and let's move on.

Digital Foundry has posted a review of a new model of the PlayStation 4 Pro on Eurogamer, which it says has fixed the "jet engine effect" and heat issues that Sony struggled with in previous variants.

Sony's new PS4 Pro model, which seems like it will be using the format CUH-7200 for its numbering scheme, was introduced with the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle pack. The review says that the series should see a wider roll-out through the holiday season.

You will be able to tell whether you are buying the latest variant of the PS4 Pro from the model number on the box, Digital Foundry said. In the case of the Red Dead Redemption 2 pack, the box clearly states that the model number is CUH-7216B.

Besides the internal changes needed to achieve the reduction in heat and noise, there has also been an external change to the PS4 Pro. Where previously it used a standard "kettle" socket for the power cable, Sony has switched to a figure-eight connector for the power supply.

This is the second refresh of the PS4 Pro that Sony has released to-date. The first version of the machine (CUH-7000) was known to be noisier than the original PlayStation 4, and some defective Pro units were very noisy. Sony tried to fix this problem with the CUH-7100 model, which it introduced sometime last year.

According to Digital Foundry, PlayStation 4 Pro consoles in the CUH-7100 range changed the fan profile and the way the GDDR5 memory was cooled, but didn't reduce the amount of power needed. This means the console was quieter, but also ran hotter.

With the most recent CUH-7200 model, Digital Foundry's measurements show that the latest version of the PS4 Pro not only runs cooler, but also quieter than any of the models that came before it.