Sony's much hyped but underwhelming PlayStation Classic Mini console has been cracked one week after its initial release.

Ars Technica reports that console hackers madmonkey1907 and Yifan Lu gained easy access to the system due to its seemingly weak cryptography.

They have essentially jailbroken the device allowing for the sideloading of titles via one of the usb ports. Pat Hartl A GitHub developer has already made a tool that allows users to load up PlayStation ROMs on a USB drive with the  correct file structure, inserting them into the console’s own game  browser.

a screenshot of the game browser front end of a hacked console

There are also plenty of videos circling the interwebs alrady on how to do it. and this might just end up boosting the popularity of the console after receiving alot of flak for its subpar emulation which uses Pcsx Rearmed as well as its questionable mediocre games list.

Jailbreaking does void the warranty of the console however and since this is still highly experimental there is a high risk of bricking the overpriced mini console, and installing roms you dont own is also illegal.