Square Enix will be back at E3 this year with their very own presentation. The last E3 they had their own presentation was way back in 2015.

The publisher shared this news on Twitter, sharing details about the time and date of the show.

The presentation will be done in the same way as the Nintendo Directs. They won't be doing a live stage show, but showing a prerecorded video presentation.

Speculations are already running wild, as the publisher gave no hints as to which games they will be showcasing during the event. So let's go ahead a speculate, shall we?

We will surely get to see much more of the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a game that's already been confirmed to be coming out this year. We will most likely also get to see more info on Kingdom Hearts 3 which is slated for later this year as well. Others that we would love to see if more info on the Avengers Project, the next installment of the Life Is Strange franchise, perhaps some Final Fantasy 15 DLC info, and maybe even Final Fantasy 7 remake news. Or perhaps some info on the possibility of the Deus Ex franchise making a come-back.

Whatever they show, it is great news that they feel confident enough in their lineup of upcoming games to actually dedicate some time to an E3 presentation.