Stasis: Bone Totem — truly horrifying, in the absolute best sense of the word

Stasis:Bone Totem: A Dark and Eerie Point-and-Click Adventure Game that Exceeds Expectations

Stasis: Bone Totem — truly horrifying, in the absolute best sense of the word

In a nutshell, Stasis: Bone Totem is an incredibly enjoyable point-and-click adventure game with a dark and eerie atmosphere that's perfect for horror fans. Despite its isometric perspective, it stays true to the classic adventure game formula, focusing on collecting items, deciphering clues, and solving puzzles.

One unique aspect is that you control three different characters who share the same inventory, and each has special abilities to interact with items. This mechanic adds an interesting twist to the gameplay, as you'll need to collect items with one character to solve puzzles for another.

The puzzles are mostly enjoyable and cleverly use the environment without becoming overly abstract. Some will deceive you with misleading information, while others will reward careful observation. Though a few may seem straightforward, they generally strike a good balance of challenge. Also be warned, if you are not a fan of reading, skip this, rather a lot of the clues to the puzzles are hidden on PDA's.

The game's story is engaging, and the mysterious atmosphere keeps you motivated to explore deeper. The characters, while simple, have likeable personalities and contribute to the overall experience. The climax may not be mind-blowing, but it satisfactorily ties up loose ends and pays homage to classic horror movie influences.

One minor gripe is that the game feels overwritten at times. Characters often pause gameplay to deliver redundant or overly dramatic dialogue, which can slow down the pace unnecessarily. Additionally, some text, including personnel logs and environmental descriptions, could benefit from trimming to improve the overall pacing.

Nevertheless, Stasis: Bone Totem excels in its atmospheric presentation, reminiscent of eerie horror games from the '90s. The voice acting is top-notch, adding to the immersive experience. Despite its minor flaws, this game is a solid eight out of ten and a standout in the genre. If you enjoy narrative-driven point-and-click adventure games, this is a must-try.

The developers deserve praise for their passion and dedication to crafting a unique and engaging sci-fi horror experience on a relatively small budget. The attention to detail in the environments, sound design, and music adds to the immersive storytelling.

As an old-school gamer, I highly recommend Stasis: Bone Totem and consider it one of the top adventure games I've played in recent years. Its unsettling atmosphere, nostalgic visuals, and challenging puzzles make it a standout title. For those who enjoy narrative-driven adventures with a touch of horror, this game is a must-play. The developer's commitment to crafting an exceptional experience shines through, and I eagerly anticipate any future instalments in this setting.

On a personal note, I am usually not one to pre-order or buy games upon release. However, my positive experiences with Metro Exodus and Stray led me to back Bone Totem, and I'm delighted with my decision. The game has provided over 10 hours of fun, and I'm still immersed in its world. If you enjoy modern point-and-click games or titles like Bioshock, Dead Space, and Alien Isolation, this game will undoubtedly captivate you.

In conclusion, Stasis: Bone Totem is a fantastic indie game that exceeds expectations and delivers a polished, atmospheric adventure worth experiencing. For a reasonable price, you'll get an exceptional gaming experience that works smoothly from the very start.

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