Stasis: Bone Totem Coming 31 May 2023

Discover the latest addition to the STASIS anthology: an immersive game with isometric, point-and-click gameplay, fusing horror and sci-fi. Unveiling a fresh story, characters, and an underwater setting, it invites players to plunge into an intriguing new world. #STASIS #gaming #horror #scifi

Stasis: Bone Totem Coming 31 May 2023

The Brotherhood has announced the release date of STASIS: BONE TOTEM. This is the next game in the STASIS, isometric, point-and-click, horror, sci-fi anthology. A new story, new characters, and an underwater environment to explore.

Follow characters, Mac and Charlie (a husband and wife duo) who make their living scouring the ocean for salvage. But, when they stumble upon an abandoned oil rig in the Pacific Ocean, they uncover a horrific secret that Cayne Corporation will do anything to keep hidden.

STASIS: BONE TOTEM uses the mechanics of multi-character selection and shared inventory for players to navigate through a massive underwater base, complete intricate puzzles, and solve an ancient secret concealed at the bottom of the ocean. A must-play game for horror and sci-fi adventure fans!

As you embark on this adventure playing Mac, Charlie, and their trusty Super-Toy, Moses, players will encounter an immersive narrative filled with spine-tingling horror and unexpected twists. Combining thrilling storytelling and a tense underwater setting, STASIS: BONE TOTEM offers a personal story that will test the limits of this family’s resilience.

Enjoy BONE TOTEM’s isometric visuals, a screenplay written by a Hollywood ace, fully voiced characters by veteran actors, and a gripping storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat from May 31st.

"STASIS: BONE TOTEM is a labour of love that builds upon the success of the original STASIS. The innovative shared inventory, thrilling story, and multiple characters will keep players entertained for sure.” Commented Christopher Bischoff, Lead Designer.

Players worldwide can enjoy STASIS: BONE TOTEM which features an 80,000-word localization in English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.

Come and see how this unique setting, new cast, and The Brotherhood’s point-and-click gameplay which made STASIS a fan favourite will leave you gasping for breath!

STASIS: BONE TOTEM launches on May 31 on PC through Steam and GOG for $19,99

This game will also be available on Steam Deck!

Stay tuned for my review in a week or so!