Sony has revealed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission stating that it paid ¥24,895 million (almost $229 million) for Insomniac Games, reported.

That is a lot of money. Not only in real terms, but also relative to the cost of making big-budget games and the price tag of other game studios.

Wikipedia editors maintain a list of video games that cost the most to make (and market), along with a list of sources. It is almost definitely not a complete list, but it does show that even big-budget games rarely cost more than $40 million.

In 2019, Insomniac only released two games: Stormland for Oculus VR and Strangelets for the Magic Leap One. Magic Leap One is an augmented reality virtual retinal display. The cost of development and revenue earned from these games was not disclosed.

However, while there may be some doubts about the profitability of the studio's niche VR titles, Insomniac Games is also the original developer for powerhouse franchises for Sony's PlayStation. These include Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance.

Insomniac also developed the acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, and Sunset Overdrive for Windows and Xbox One.

Most expensive game studio acquisitions of all time

Of all publicly disclosed game studio acquisitions, Insomniac's price tag was the 18th highest of all time.

It is in grand company. There are only five studios in the list below that make console and PC games (six, if you count PopCap). The rest are mostly mobile developers, with a handful of platform companies.

Rank Buyer Seller Year Deal Value (USD)
1 Tencent Supercell 2016 $8.6 billlion
2 Activision Blizzard King 2015 $5.9 billion
3 Microsoft Mojang 2014 $2.5 billion
4 Facebook Oculus VR 2014 $2 billion
5 Zhongji Holding DianDian Interactive 2014 $960 million
6 Churchill Downs Incorporated Big Fish Games 2014 $885 million
7 Electronic Arts BioWare and Pandemic Studios 2007 $775 million
8 Electronic Arts PopCap Games 2011 $750 million
9 Electronic Arts Jamdat Mobile 2005 $680 million
10 Disney Playdom 2010 $563 million
11 Zynga NaturalMotion 2014 $527 million
12 Nexon Gloops 2012 $486 million
13 DeNA ngmoco 2010 $400 million
14 Electronic Arts Playfish 2009 $400 million
15 Tencent Riot Games 2011 $400 million
16 Sony Computer Entertainment Gaikai 2012 $380 million
17 Microsoft Rare 2002 $375 million
18 Sony Interactive Entertainment Insomniac Games 2019 $229,000,000

The question is, will it be worth the price Sony paid?

Simply put, Insomniac makes good games that sell well, while experimenting on the bleeding edge with VR and augmented reality.

It also brings the clout of its name to the table. It is associated with some of PlayStation's most beloved franchises, even if it does not own the intellectual property rights to Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank.

So, yes. It will be worth every Yen that Sony spent.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash.