After months of speculation, well technically over a year of speculation, Nintendo has finally announced the cheaper non-dockable Nintendo switch SKU.

This switch should technically not be called a switch anymore since the joy-cons are non-detachable and it does not have any TV output support. This variant, by all means, is designed for portable-only purposes. It also has its drawbacks however and on the current switch if you have a faulty joy-con, you can just swap it out. On the new one errr....... you can't. Oh! and it doesn't have any HD rumble and the screen is 0.7 inches smaller.

Now all Nintendo still has to do is release the more powerful much anticipated upgraded Switch that everyone is looking forward to. It also appears that this will launch just in time for The Witcher 3 release on Switch.

Nintendo has set a release date of 20 September 2019 and a price of $200 (R2 823,52 at this exact moment) however SA release dates and official pricing are still to be confirmed.