After a Netflix event in Rome over the weekend, the executive producer of the upcoming Witcher series, Lauren S. Hissrich, has been tweeting up a storm. Through a series of tweets, we've received more information about the anticipated series.

The Witcher series will be 8 episodes to start off with, according to Hissrich, the series executive producer.

On the topic of timeline and when the series would be available, Hissrich ball parked a date of 2020.

The series will, however, not be based on the gaming series. According to Hissrich, the series will be based on the same books that the Witcher games are based on.

The series is still being written, and the scripts are far from completed.

The series is currently slated to be filed on location in Eastern Europe.

The information given so far sounds promising, and hopefully the series can do justice to such an illustrious series.