THQ Nordic buys TimeSplitters IP from Crytek

THQ Nordic buys TimeSplitters IP from Crytek

THQ Nordic (formerly Nordic Games) has been on a major buying spree these past few years.

When THQ went bust in 2013 they acquired the Darksiders, Red Faction and MX VS ATV Franchises and eventually also snatched up the THQ Trademark for next to nothing back then.

Earlier this year they also acquired Koch media Which includes Deep Silver that acquired the Metro and Saints Row IP's from THQ as well as Crytek UK and the Homefront IP, this buyout also resulted in Volition being reunited with the Red Faction IP again.


They have now also gone and bought the Timesplitters IP from Crytek.


This Means that THQ Nordic has now acquired almost all of THQ's Top IP's and when they acquired Koch Media they purposely Re united some of those IP's with their initial Developers.

The same goes for the Timesplitters IP because even though Free Radical was bought out by Crytek and Renamed Crytek UK, when Crytek UK went belly up the majority of the staff transferred to the then newly formed Deep Silver Dambuster Studio.

So now with the Timesplitters IP is in the Hands of their Former creators (Freeradical/CrytekUK/Dambusters) all this points to a new Timesplitter title coming in the near future most likely for the Next Generation of Consoles and on PC probably.