TotalBiscuit passes away at 33

Gaming critic John "TotalBiscuit" Bain has passed away.

TotalBiscuit passes away at 33

Gaming critic John "TotalBiscuit" Bain has passed away.

At the start of May, Bain provided an extensive statement to the /r/cynicalbritofficial community on Reddit, giving what he called a "final update" on his health.

When I went into hospital a week or so ago, it was accompanied by the news that conventional chemotherapys effectiveness had been exhausted.

My body has become resistant to all forms of it according to my oncologist. 46 chemo treatments, 138 days plugged into a pump. Let nobody ever say I wasn't stubborn.

Bain revealed that a few days after his oncologist's prognosis he received more bad news—his liver was failing.

"Its effectiveness has lowered past the point where the clinical trials I had been offered would take me on. Yes apparently there are things that are too dangerous for even the terminal."

He said that they were obviously not giving up on finding other trials, but he was also coming to terms with the fact that he didn't have long left.

"There is literally nothing I can do about it other than try to manage the pain as best as possible and stay as hydrated as possible to ease the pressure on the liver. There are quite a few pain management options left to try and the ones that I am using can be increased in dosage quite significantly if need be."

Bain went on to announce his retirement from full-time game reviewing and asked people not to speculate about how much time he had left.

Genna Bain eulogised her husband in the early hours of this morning with a poem by Francisco Gomez de Quevedo:

Love Constant Beyond Death
The final shadow that will close my eyes
will in its darkness take me from white day
and instantly untie the soul from lies
and flattery of death, and find its way
and yet my soul won’t leave its memory
of love there on the shore where it has burned:
my flame can swim cold water and has learned
to lose respect for laws’ severity.
My soul, whom a God made his prison of,
my veins, which a liquid humour fed to fire,
my marrows, which have gloriously flamed,
will leave their body, never their desire;
they will be ash but ash in feeling framed;
they will be dust but will be dust in love.

Bain received an outpuring of support, including the Fortnite account on Twitter which said that they are in North Carolina if she needs a friend.

She responded with a heartwarming story of her husband's final hours:

Rest in peace, John "TotalBiscuit" Bain.