Warframe: The Sacrifice – launch date and user interface changes

The wait is almost over, Tenno.

Warframe: The Sacrifice – launch date and user interface changes

Howl all you want. It won't bring him back.

The wait is almost over, Tenno. The Sacrifice cinematic story quest for Warframe, along with a bunch of other updates to the game, will be released on PC this week.

To our console brethren: my commiserations, for your release date is yet "Coming soon."

Certain spoilers have been redacted from this post. If you visit the official page for The Sacrifice, you will find information about cosmetic items we have not mentioned here.

The bulk of the launch announcement does not contain spoilers, but this quest is intended for players who have completed The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue. If you need help waking up with a spoiler-free resource, use the Warframe Quest Guide.

Here are the details for The Sacrifice that fall outside spoiler territory:


A foreboding vision leads the Tenno on a hunt for a savage Warframe.

Unmask the truth in The Sacrifice, the mind-bending new chapter in the cinematic storyline.

Umbra leaps from the shadows, and he brings with him new gear, new Customizations, new exclusive Twitch Drops and the first part of our UI update.

Mod your Exalted Weapons

Several Warframes have abilities which activate a special weapon only they have access to, known as exalted weapons.

Previously they used the mods of the weapon you had equipped in the same slot the ability weapon corresponds to whether primary, secondary, or melee. If you wanted to maximise your exalted weapon, you therefore had to mod your regular weapons with it in mind.

With The Sacrifice update, it will now be possible to attach mods to exalted weapons in the Arsenal. It is not clear how much mod capacity, or what the polarities of the mod slots on the exalted weapons will be.


New user interface

The Sacrifice will also introduce changes to the user interface for Warframe. Further updates will continue to be rolled out over time.

The initial release will include customisable UI themes, a revamped inventory menu, updated vendor menus, and new UI sounds.

"Right now we have exactly 131 screens in the game that need an artistic pass to the new style," Digital Extremes live ops and community director Rebecca Ford has explained.

The first eight are ready to go, but the rest...

"This will be rolled out over the rest of the year — we are not launching all 131 screens with new art at once. Things like horizontal scrolling are being removed based on player feedback, and we're going to be addressing other common requests as we make our way through the redesign. The busiest screens are particularly hard to change, but we will slowly but surely make our way through."



The Sacrifice will introduce the following cosmetic items for warframes and companions.

Umbra Warframe armour set


Umbra companion armour set


Other features rolling out with The Sacrifice include:

  • Show off your Fashion Frames™ in a new Captura scene based on The Sacrifice.
  • Emblazon your profile with brand-new Umbra profile glyphs.
  • Use promo code OLDFRIEND for a free Orokin Tea Set Decoration and a 3-Day Affinity Booster. Available on all platforms until 20 July 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

The Sacrifice "Umbra" E3 2018 trailer