A lot of us have played the Alice games, my favourite is still Alice: The Madness Returns. I love the dark and twisty world they created for Alice, yes, the game was not perfect but it was fun, gory and beautiful.

According to American McGee's latest blog post:

American is hard at work on design, art, and story for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures. “Alice: Asylum” will present the story before “American McGee’s Alice,” with young Alice fighting through the trauma of losing her family.

On the same post they offer 4 ways to help get the project along.

  • Signing up to their mailing list - the process is done on the blog post.
  • Following them on Social Media - Facebook/Instagram
  • Support “Asylum” Pre-Production via Patreon!
  • Purchase American’s official merchandise at his online shop

I am not even going to try and predict when this will be ready for release, simply since this Alice has been teased since 2013.

They also have a video showing a few things and discussing the game up on YouTube - it's just under 2 hours long, so even I haven't had time to watch it all.

Am I the only one who is a little hyped for this?