Dice's Battlefield 5 Firestorm battle royale mode is set to drop in 10 days time.

It has been rumoured that the mode has been primarily handled by Criterion games, of Burnout and Need for Speed Fame and will have a 64 player maximum count.

The 64-player experience will take place on the largest Battlefield map ever and will have a contracting ring of fire around the map, the mode will initially launch with 4 player squads only with 2 player duo's support launching at a later stage.

The question is are people really going to ditch the hottest battle royale at present Apex Legends also from EA for Firestorm, what will it offer that's unique that we haven't seen in Fortnite, PUBG, blackout or Apex legends and considering the poor sales of Battlefield 5 since launch will people really spend money just to play firestorm mode.

Apex Legends currently the Hottest BR on the planet also made by EA that BF:V Firestorm is also going to compete with

I personally think EA should delay firestorm mode for later in the year and first fix everything that is wrong with Battlefield 5 at present.