With two months before E3 2018, gaming news and rumours are ramping up. Many articles and segments will be written about possible games we'll see at this year's expo.

While that happens, rest assured that we will still find the news stories you may miss in all the excitement. Here are a list of stories from last week you may have missed.

Insomniac Games says pre-order suits will be unlockable through gameplay in Spider-Man

Source - Dualshockers

Last week we got a whole host of information about the highly anticipated Spider-Man game. While the release date of 7 September was confirmed, the publisher also gave us more info about the mechanics and content of the game. Luckily for gamers, any pre-order content will be unlockable within the game, a departure from normal convention.

Valve update on Steam Machines

Source - Steam Community Post

The internet was abuzz with the news that Valve may be delisting their failed hardware project, the Steam Machine. Valve last week wrote an update on this story, providing more clarity as to why they had moved the page on their site. According to Valve, this move was nothing more than a routine clean-up of the site.

Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records

Source - Ubisoft Website

It is safe to say Far Cry 5 has been a major commercial success. While we reported that the game has huge player numbers, Ubisoft has now confirmed that its sales have been terrific as well. It is now the second best selling game for Ubisoft, behind The Division.

Fortnite on iOS made $15 million in its first three weeks in the App Store

Source - The Verge

Fortnite keeps on setting records everywhere it goes. With only three weeks since its launch onto iOS, the game has been raking in cash at an astounding rate. It is reported that Fortnite has already made $15 million since its launch

LawBreakers development suspended as Boss Key moves on to new projects

Source - VG247

It may look like the developers of Lawbreakers have finally thrown in the towel. While they will still support the game for e few more months, no new development will be done on it, and the team will move on to other projects. RIP Lawbreakers.

And those are the stories of the week. Be sure to check-in next week and remember, stay informed!