Square Enix has released 22 new screenshots and pieces of character art showing previously unseen parts of the Final Fantasy VII remake.

The screenshots show cutscenes, playable characters, the city of Midgar and the game’s new battle system including tactical mode slow motion. The character art shows Cloud & Aerith's new high detail models.

Some of these screenshots do come from the demo shown at E3

As well as being able to use magic and abilities against them, players will have to identify weaknesses on enemies in order to injure them. Characters will have their own unique gameplay style. For example, close combat sword fighting with Cloud will benefit your gameplay while playing long-range combat will benefit you while playing Barret.

Summons, Materia and Limit Breaks will return to the remake as well as areas such as Mako Reactor 1, Sector 7 Slums Station, Loveless Theatre, Shrina Building etc. as seen in the screenshots.

The remake is set to be released on the 3rd of March 2020.