I reported in January that Quantic Dream has partnered up with NetEase and that all their future titles are going to be multiplatform releases but what they didn't disclose was that they were also planning to port their previously released Sony console exclusives to the PC platform.

There is one caveat though, it was announced during Epic's GDC Keynote and that means it is an Epic Store exclusive deal for one year at least.

I for one, know a lot of people are not fans of the Epic store but let’s be honest if it wasn’t for the aggressive marketing of the Epic store other PS3 exclusives like Journey, Flower and Flow would have probably never made it PC and I suspect they played a big hand in getting these Quantic Dreams titles also ported to PC.

The trio of titles in the Quantic Dream collection is Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and the recently released Detroit: Become Human.

The first title in the collection is Heavy Rain which was initially pitched to Microsoft, which rejected it for its themes of child abduction it then became a PlayStation 3-exclusive, following its initial development for Xbox 360 and PC in 2006. Heavy Rain was a masterpiece graphically but its frame rate was a sight for sore eyes, Hopefully the PC release will have a 30 solid FPS Lock and who knows maybe even a 60 FPS mode.

The second Title is Beyond: Two Souls which is one of the best looking PS3 titles but also the most confusing. It was a truly an impressive looking PS3 title with graphics that was a leap over that of Heavy Rain  and it featured Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page as the main characters along with a score composed by none other than Hans Zimmer.  

All of those elements should have been a recipe for success but the non linear story was a mess along with the frame rate again but that was expected as it was a title released during the same year as the PS4 was announced and it truly pushed the PS3 hardware to its limits.

The PC versions of Heavy Rain and Beyond 2 Souls will most likely be ports of the enhanced PS4 versions instead of the original PS3 releases since those are already running on x86 hardware.

The final title is the recently released Detroit: Become Human, it is a third person detective adventure game that features branching paths to solutions and also multiple playable characters. It was released exclusively on the PS4 and its development costs ended up being just over or 30 Million Euros, it received generally favourable reviews and it looks really impressive and it actually has a decent frame rate on the PS4.

The Epic store Exclusivity Deal is for one year with the possibility of the titles being released on steam or the windows store after it lapses. There is no solid release date unfortunately apart from the fact that it will land on PC during this year.