Executive producer Mark Darrah said in a tweet that the demos that they are releasing for the game will differ from the final product. The two demos that we will be seeing are being released on 25-27 January for pre-orders and everyone else will have access from 1 – 3 February.

The demos will differ from the game by starting you in the middle, no tutorials or pilot picker story. The balance is going to be “super different” as well as the economy. There will also be a 6-week backlog of bug fixes that will not be applied to the demo. The PC controls will also be “slightly less nuanced” and if that is the case then I might skip the demo completely. The PC controls in the alpha for the flight (your main means of transport) was horrible for me and the diving didn’t help my motion sickness!

Are you going to take the plunge and test out the demo? If so please let us know what you think of it! Then again, I am still very on the fence about the whole game and cannot see myself shelling out the full price for the game (almost what I pay for one subject at UNISA these days) after what happened in Andromeda.