Limbo being reworked before Prime Access launch date

The gilded Cataclysm begins on 19 June, hopefully with less frustration for their teammates.

Limbo being reworked before Prime Access launch date

The primed variant of Limbo will be added to Warframe on 19 June, Digital Extremes has announced.

As with other primed warframes, Limbo Prime's parts will be added to Void Relics, which may be opened in void fissure missions. The relics themselves are given as rewards for completing mission objectives.

Duplicate prime gear blueprints obtained from relics may be traded with other players, sold for platinum (Warframe's premium in-game currency), or melted down into ducats to trade with a special vendor which only appears every second weekend.

Limbo Prime will also receive a Prime Access pack, which will be available for purchase with money or platinum.

In addition to Limbo Prime, the pack will feature:

  • Limbo Prime glyphs
  • Destreza Prime: the primed variant of Warframe's first rapier melee weapon (the second being the Endura).
  • Pyrana Prime: a primed variant of the shotgun sidearm.

It will also be possible to get an additional accessory pack for Limbo Prime which includes:

  • Oblivia Prime Syandana
  • Rift Walker Prime Sigil
  • 90 Day Credit Booster
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster


De-trolling Limbo

Prior to confirming the launch date of Limbo Prime, Digital Extremes revealed that it was workshopping Limbo to make him less frustrating in co-operative gameplay.

As one might expect whenever developers announce changes to character abilities, the proposed tweaks have been met with controversy.

Limbo has the ability to banish enemies, allies, and himself into a different "phase" known as the Rift. He can then stop time in the Rift using an ability called Stasis, allowing himself and allies to move around in it, but halting enemies and gunfire.

When he drops Stasis, bullets that were fired go flying, killing enemies who were suspended. It is also possible to kill enemies in stasis using melee attacks.

However, Tenno who prefer gunplay find Limbo players who overuse their banishment abilities and Stasis frustrating, as your guns can suddenly stop working on enemies, or stop firing bullets at all if you find yourself in the Rift with Stasis active.

Digital Extremes said that it is planning to address one of these issues in a future update, by making it so Stasis only affects enemies, and not ally gunfire. To balance the change it is reducing the base duration of Stasis from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.

Players like me, who hate it when bad Limbo players selfishly use their abilities in a match, think this is a wonderful compromise. Limbo players (mostly the good ones), are not happy at having the duration of Stasis reduced because bad apples insist on playing co-op matches as if they are solo.

The following video illustrates how Limbo works and common pitfalls inexperienced players step into which frustrates their teammates.

Glossary of Warframe terms

An enhanced version of a previously-released warframe, weapon, or item, usually featuring a differrent look with gold trim, and better stats than the non-primed version.
Void Relics
Mission rewards which you must unlock to get at the loot inside. They are different from the lootboxes gamers have come to loathe in several ways:
  • They are unlocked through gameplay, not a key of some kind you must purchase for premium currency.
  • Loot tables for Void Relics are disclosed right in the game.
  • Up to 4 players may join void fissure missions and bring one Relic each. At the end of the mission you can choose the item dropped by the relics of any of the 4 players you were doing the mission with.
*Warframe*'s premium in-game currency. The standard currency you can earn from missions is Credits. Platinum may be obtained by buying it for real-world money, or by trading Prime blueprints (which drop from Void Relics) and mods with other players who have platinum.
Profile pictures/icons/avatars.
A cape or cloak that may be attached to any warframe. It has no gameplay impact other than making you look cool.
A badge you can wear on your chest and back. Sigils in Prime Access or accessories packs are purely cosmetic. Other sigils you can unlock in the game may allow you to earn standing with the game's syndicates. Standing may be traded for special items offered by that syndicate.
A premium add-on which gives you a limited-time increase to the amount of credits, crafting resources, or affinity you earn in missions.
Experience points. Increases the rank of your warframes and weapons.
Something to do with your duplicate prime gear blueprints earned in void fissures other than selling them to other players for platinum. Every two weeks a Void Trader appears in the game offering special weapons, mods, and/or cosmetic items which can only be purhcased with ducats and credits.
The faction controlled by players. Descendants of an ancient and mystical civilization of lost warriors from the Orokin era on Earth. Preserved in cryopods for centuries, the Tenno now awaken to a new war, fighting and resisting warring factions as the sole bearers of the Orokin-created Warframes.