Warframe: The New War launch date announced

Digital Extremes has published a new trailer and announced a launch window for The New War.

Warframe: The New War launch date announced

Digital Extremes announced that it plans to launch The New War, its next cinematic quest for Warframe, during the 2019 December holiday season. The studio made the announcement at its annual Warframe-themed convention, TennoCon, which was held in London, Ontario.

The New War was first announced at last year's TennoCon. This year, along with the release window, Digital Extremes showed a new trailer for the quest.

Avoiding spoilers, the trailer shows the solar system being attacked, with specific emphasis on Earth being attacked with voice-over stating that the attacks are happening all over the solar system. The trailer carries the following payoff line:

When the Sentients attack, we must rise together. Or lose everything.

Speaking during the TennoCon 2019 keynote, Digital Extremes creative director Steven Sinclair said that The New War is a story about family.

"The [family] you are born with and, you know, the one you live your life with," said Sinclair.

The quote from Sinclair below the video contains some spoilers for Warframe's cinematic quest line. For those trying to avoid such spoilers, please feel free to scroll rapidly down to the comments section.

"Natah is going to have to figure out where she lands on that question, and how we're going to help her with that," Sinclair said.

He explained that they are introducing new characters which they think of as gods, including former antagonist and Natah's father, Hunhow, as well as Natah's brother whose name sounds like "Era". It is he who is apparently shown at the end of the trailer and who is leading the Sentient armies to our solar system to destroy us.